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Africa is the cradle of mankind, full of riches in the form of resources, wildlife and plants, many of which cannot be found anywhere else on our planet.

People travel from far and wide to experience Africa, its diverse cultures, unique atmosphere, and natural beauty. It is said that once you have Africa in you, it never leaves you, and you are always left wanting to return for more. Africa’s diverse natural beauty can be seen in the dramatic shapes of its mountains, the rushing waters of its great rivers, the open plains of wildlife, trees and flowers. The giant lakes that stretch for miles and the sands of vast deserts where somehow flowers have found a way to survive and thrive.

The cracking and rumbling thunder of summer showers and the heat of the afternoon summer sun, combine to deliver sunsets that are like no other and enhance the beauty that is the essence of Africa.

Only In Africa

It is only in Africa that one can experience the unique fragrances that emanate from this vast land. Together with our expert perfumers, we have sought to bring together these unique experiences in our range of home fragrances to provide you with an experience that is uniquely and proudly African in its origins. We present Serengeti Home Fragrances, each designed with unique African patterns and designs, inspired by the many different African cultures and nations that form part of this magical continent.

Our Serengeti Home Fragrance experience is like no other – we have captured the essence of the atmosphere you experience as you walk through Africa’s natural beauty and we invite you to experience this with us.


Serengeti Home Fragrances was founded in 2021 with the idea of taking Africa’s beauty to the rest of the world. To achieve our goal, we set out to create a brand that let our customers experience a journey through Africa. All designs are inspired by traditional African artwork and fragrances are from unique African fauna.


To create a brand that is inspired by unique African designs and fragrances that represent the diversity and natural beauty of the African continent.

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